Sessions in English

By growing interrest in QHHT(Quantum healing hypnosis) from people who dosen`t speak danish, you can now get QHHT sessions in English.

What is Quantum healing hypnosis?

QHHT is the method, developed by the world known Dolores Cannon`s. This method is working with relevant pastlifes and healing from your higher self.

How long would at session take

A typically session is approx. 2 hours

Do i have to prepare anything

A good thing to write down som questions you like to get answered. It could be about anything, your life, something you have been through and so on.

Can everybody experience QHHT

Everybody who want to experience a session, can do it. As long as you are following the instructions and guiding under the session.

Your session will be recorded digital

The session will be recorded digitally and send to you by mail afterwards.

Get your session in the center of Copenhagen

People comes to me, from a lot of different places. I have had the privilleged to have clients from Germany, sweden, denmark, faroe islands, iceland and more.

My clinic is in the heart of Copenhagen and very easy to find. You can walk to it from copenhagen central station and from Rådhuspladsen.

Where can you get more information about Quantum healing hypnosis

You can read more about this method on and there is also a lot of videos on You Tube.